Covid-19 information

You’re in our network because you, like us, are passionate about innovation and development. Right now, we are facing a global crisis, affecting the daily lives of each and everyone of us in different ways. The effects of Covid-19 are already evident. Many businesses and industries find themselves in an immediate crisis. Within the coming weeks and months, other value chains and industries will be affected. We would like to thank our clients and partners for connecting with us over the last week to help us gather insights of your current needs.

When facing an unprecedented crisis, it is natural that our horizons grow narrower as we turn our focus to the wellbeing of those close to us. Meanwhile, we must anticipate what’s behind the next corner. How will our businesses and communities be affected by Covid-19 over the next few months? What actions can we take to prevent and minimize those risks? And, not least – how do we harness the creative and innovative ideas to be better prepared in the future?

Over the coming weeks, we will share advice and support on to help our community recover and eventually bounce back. Of course, we will continue our dialogue with partners to help where we can make a difference.

Finally, we would like to thank the heroes working day and night to fight Covid-19.