Adam Wikström, PhD

Our colleague Adam Wikström is an award-winning entrepreneur and academic with expertise in solid mechanics and thermodynamics.

Adam started working at LTU Business in 2016 and mainly works with creating new business and growth opportunities for small and medium-sized companies by providing access to business with large research facilities in Sweden and Europe. This gives him the opportunity to combine his deep technical competence with his experience in entrepreneurship and company management.

Adam holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and a technical doctorate in solid mechanics. After his thesis, he worked for six years at Scania, where he was responsible for the technical area of ​​mechanical dynamics.

Since moving home to Bastuträsk, Västerbotten, he has had time to work with the family business Åkeri AB M Wikström & sons and to start and run Bastuträsk Charkuteri AB together with a colleague. Adam has also run his own consulting firm in energy efficiency.

In his spare time, Adam enjoys carpentry and spending time with his family in the summer cottage.

070-235 83 10

Laboratorgränd 9, Campus Skellefteå

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