A meaningful summer job

Meet Marcus Segerström, student in technical design at Luleå University of Technology. He and colleague Ellinor developed a new first aid kit during their summer with LTU Business.

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Students and researchers share their experience and gain from LTU Business Summer.


Mining Innovation

Work with other students from all over the country to investigate the business potential of an idea related to the mining industry. The business concept can be your own, be sprung from research or owned by an existing company.

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Startup Summer is an idea development programme where we match passionate students with a new innovation or business idea from researchers who are world leaders in their field. In collaboration with your colleagues, you explore the business potential of cutting-edge research from Luleå University of Technology.

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Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions is a fun idea development program for those who like to solve problems and want the chance to develop concepts for a recipient who really cares about the end result. You’ll get the opportunity to collaborate with other students and have an experienced business development professional as your mentor through the process.

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