From research to start-up

Many research results from the university lead to innovative business ideas and sometimes the ideas become start-ups. We spoke to the founders of two companies who made the journey; from taking the very first steps of understanding market potential, to what it means to be admitted to an incubator. – We would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for LTU Business, says Dariusz Kominiak from FieldRobotiX.

The company FieldRobotiX is a spin-off from the SIMS project at Luleå University of Technology, manufacturing drones specialized for the mining environment. After receiving help with market validation and advice from LTU Business, they were admitted to the Arctic Business 2020 incubator.

– We came in touch with LTU Business at the university and they have supported us though the whole journey. It has meant a lot to us to get advice, financial support in the development of a prototype and with market validation. We would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for LTU Business, says one of the founders, Dariusz Kominiak.

“We have the research thinking and LTU Business has the business thinking”

RockSigma/RS Solutions have also been admitted to the incubator Arctic Business. Researchers Jesper Martinsson and Wille Törnman have worked together for ten years, doing research on earthquakes. In 2020, they started the company with the business idea of ​​analyzing earthquakes, providing significantly better precision than what is possible as of today. This is of interest to the mining industry and the duo are now in the process of converting the prototype into a product.

– We have received very good help from LTU Business in recent years, specifically from the students who participated in LTU Business Summer. They helped us with market validation, among other things. The contacts that were made then is something we will have great use of in the future. LTU Business has provided us with skills that we lack; we have the research thinking and LTU Business has the business thinking, says Wille Törnman.

The latest knowledge from the university can benefit businesses and society when it is packaged into new products, services and even companies. LTU Business and Arctic Business offer researchers and students support with business development, marketing, IP rights and financing, among other things, to make their journey easier. Kent Mrozek is a business developer at LTU Business and often helps companies with their applications to the incubator.

– As a researcher with a business idea, there are several ways to go. Not everyone wants to start their own company but if you do, an incubator is a good opportunity to grow the company once you have a clear idea and are ready to invest. We are delighted that FieldRobotiX and RS Solutions have reached an important milestone and are grateful to have helped them along the ways, he says.


LTU Business offer all researchers and students at Luleå University of Technology cost-free and confidential support to develop their ideas from a very early stage. Read more about how LTU Business can help you and your idea.

Arctic Business runs an incubator program that helps entrepreneurs from northern Sweden to develop business ideas for the Swedish and international market. Since 2005, Arctic Business has worked with over 120 companies, which today are valued at more than SEK 2 billion. The companies that are admitted to the incubator get – in addition to advice and office space – the opportunity to apply for up to SEK 500,000 in financial support.