His idea stops ice formation

Associate Professor Yijun Shi at Luleå University of Technology is the person behind Coating Vindkraft, an idea that involves coating the surface of wind turbines to avoid ice formation. The idea could mean that it is possible to leave today’s solution, which is to de-ice the turbines with the help of a helicopter.

How did you get the idea?

“Our idea was to develop a robust, low cost and environmentally friendly coating for anti-ice purpose. I got the idea from reading and listening to the news of LTU and communicating with my colleges. I also spent some time thinking about what the Swedish government needed and if there was anything I could do.”

What’s been your driving force?
“I can see the need for this coating and how it would benefit the society, and I’m very interested in the development of it. We also get funding from the Swedish energy agency and the EU, which gives me the resources and time to continue working with it.”