30 years of collaboration

Innovative housing construction

Lindbäcks bygg AB has collaborated with Luleå University of Technology in research and development for over 30 years. The company went from the threat of closure to the successful operation of one of Europe’s most modern factories for industrial housing construction. Take part of their story.

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Success stories

What can collaboration with the university look like? Here are some of the companies we have helped on their journeys.

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University resources

  • Globally leading scientists with expertise critical achieving your goals.
  • 16 000 creative and driven students from a top Sweden university
  • State-of-the-art lab and test environments
  • New methods of business development and innovation management
When industry meets academia

What a partnership might look like

Study visits
Students visit business sites within a course or project.

Guest lectures
A platform to nourish relationships between students and future employers.

Innovation Factory
Design a student challenge to innovate new products or services.

Real case studies
A group of students spend 5-10 weeks working on real case studies.

1-2 students investigate a hypothesis over 10-20 weeks.

Research partners
We’ll match the right businesses and professors with each other and can also provide support in applying for external funding.

Industry PhD
Tailored research projects create unique competitive advantages to both parties.

Course case studies

We’re always searching for new case studies from companies and organisations wishing to engage with students. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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Project manager+46 (0)70-7244545Aurorum 1A, Luleå

Lars-Åke Isaksson

Business development manager+46 (0)70-3601936Aurorum 1A, Luleå


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