Gry Holmgren

During almost her entire career, our CEO Gry Holmgren Hafskjold has worked in the borderland between the academia and society. This makes her one of Sweden’s most experienced profiles when it comes to running successful innovation systems.

In addition to being the CEO at LTU Business, Gry contributes with her unique competence in a number of boards, i.a. LTU Holding, LTU Green Fuels, Arctic Business Incubator, Luleå Science Park and Längmanska Företagarfonden.

She also works in several steering groups for large regional growth projects and is appointed Consul General for the Norwegian consulate, with a mission to stimulate cooperation between Norway and Sweden.

In her spare time, Gry enjoys spending time with friends, preferably in combination with physical activity such as hiking, orienteering or skiing.

070-615 11 52

Aurorum 1A, Luleå

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