Karoline Pettersson

Karoline Pettersson is an engineer in technical design and has been a senior project manager at LTU Business since 2009. Her expertise is to create growth and innovation in primarily small and medium-sized companies, but also the public sector and international organizations. Partly by creating and leading innovation processes, but also through collaboration between business and universities.

Karoline has broad experience of programs financed with funds from the European Regional Development Fund, Vinnova and the Agency for Growth. One of many examples is the popular and well-reputed business development program LTU Business Summer, where she creates opportunities for university students and case owners in business and the public sector.

In her spare time, Karoline enjoys spending time at the stables or in the ski slopes. She is a big fan of movies and tv shows and therefore a trusted streaming advisor to the whole team.

070-547 96 28

Aurorum 1A, Luleå

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