Kent Mrozek

Our colleague Kent Mrozek has worked with innovation and business development throughout his entire career. Since 2011, he is a senior business developer and innovation advisor for researchers, startups, small and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs.

Kent Mrozek is very experienced in supporting the development of new business ideas at an early stage and evaluating the potential of new innovations. He has been involved in developing the Innovation Due Diligence method, a tool for effectively developing and analyzing ideas that is used by research institutes, universities and business promoters around Europe and Sweden. In addition, Kent is  knowledgeable in issues around IP and licensing and has also founded and run several successful startups of his own.

In his spare time, Kent enjoys being with his family in the cabin or on trips abroad. He also likes to go on long trips with friends on a scooter or motorcycle.

070-270 00 99

Aurorum 1A, Luleå

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