Linn Berglund Pantzare

Linn Berglund Pantzare, Communications manager, who joined us in the spring of 2024, comes most recently from the municipal company Lumire, which stands for Luleå Miljöresurs.


With a master’s degree in economics and marketing from LTU, Linn has worked in the media, aviation and finance industry as well as a few years as a project manager at a communications agency. With a strong interest in society and curiosity to find wise solutions and connect people and businesses, both communication and business development are close to Linn’s heart. As a communications manager, it is about creating participation and engagement around brands that live and develop. During a few years in Luxembourg, intercultural skills were strengthened and a knowledge regarding how to navigate in different sectors and environments. In her spare time, Linn enjoys spending time with family and friends, skiing and hanging out on soccer or basketball fields. Preferably with breaks to eat good food, read books and a yoga session of her own.