LTU Business Summer has started

Students from Luleå University of Technology are ready to take on the role of business developers and make an impact on real business challenges.

LTU Business Summer is a recurring nine-week summer program where 20 students from Luleå University of Technology are given the opportunity to develop ideas and gain relevant working experience for their CV.

Together with passionate colleagues, the students work as full-time business developers on real cases in four areas; potential start-ups from the university’s researchers or own ideas, as well as the space and mining / mineral industries.

A head start to the career

One of the participants in LTU Business Summer is Anna Eriksson, who studies industrial engineering. Her team will help researchers to explore the market potential of new research findings in the field of mining innovation. She looks forward to work as a consultant before graduation:

“It will be incredibly exciting to apply the knowledge I have gained during my studies. I will probably be faced with similar situations in the future so this will be a valuable experience. I also look forward to taking part of the latest research, as well as contributing toits impact for industry and society. My hope is that the case I am working on this summer will play an important role for the future, ”she says.

Experience in business development

During the nine weeks, professional business developers coach students through the Innovation Due Diligence® method, developed by LTU Business and used to test the potential of over 300 ideas each year. At the end of the summer, they received training in pitching, doing market research, evaluating business models and markets.

Farid Akhtar, associate professor at Luleå University of Technology, has founded the company HIPOR Materials, which has one of the cases in the space program.

“The program benefits not only the students but also the companies that get the chance to have innovative thinkers and creative brains at their disposal. In addition, the program builds relationships between the students and any future employers. I look forward to a summer of exciting input and new ideas. ” he says.

All students will work independently but do have a personal business coach from LTU Business to support them.

“The program is important in several ways. For the students, it is an opportunity to prepare their professional career by gaining relevant and practical experience and making contacts with potential employers. For researchers and companies who participate with a case, it provides a push for new products and business ideas while complementing their own experience with young, driven talents, ”says Karoline Pettersson, project manager at LTU Business.

LTU Business Summer is financed by:
Luleå University of Technology
Swedish Mining Innovation (SIP STRIM)
Through the RIT2021 project:
·       Sparbanken Nord
·       Längmanska Företagsfonden
·       Kiruna Kommun
·       Luleå Kommun
·       Europeiska regionala utvecklingsfonden

The students taking part of the program:

Anna Eriksson
Gustav Wahlquist
Christoffer Flemström
Johan Waara

Adrian Arrosamena Mellgren
Moa Johansson
Daniel Semnani
Hanna Brink
Carl Frisenstam
Sandra Zetterkvist

Anton Kjellberg Dahlin
Niklas Landström
Ellen Göransson
Jacob Engström
Felicia Johansson
Gustav Nilsson

Oskar Havo
Emma Axebrink
Ioana Simona Rosca
Theresia Hestad