5 innovation take-aways from fully-booked Swedish Big Science Forum

Recently, leaders from European Big Science research facilities, Swedish industry and universities gathered gathered in Lund for the Big Science Forum. The packed agenda facilitates both important business networking opportunities as well as inspiration and new intelligence from the leading players in the growing market.

1. ”Sweden, let’s grow from teenagers into adults!”

Darja Isaksson, Director General of Vinnova, Darja Isaksson addressed Sweden’ young but increasingly important role as a player in the big science market.

2. Trademarks of innovative suppliers –  the secrets to winning contracts

Specialist expertise, a deliberate strategy, persistence, and key contacts. These are just some of the success factors behind member companies winning contracts with Big Science research facilities.

3. What are the customers looking for in 2024 and beyond?

A panel from leading research organisations including FAIR and GSI, XFEL, CERN, ITER, MAX IV, ESS, SKA, and ESO, jointly procuring goods and services worth millions every year shared what is currently topping their wish list:

”These organisations are looking for suppliers that can provide customized solutions in a small scale across a very wide range of products and services – Swedish small and medium-sized companies with their culture of innovation and export are ideal partners, Adam Wikström explains, business development advisor at LTU Business and representative of Big Science Sweden.

4. Match-making to find problem-solution fits and grow new business relationships

”The afternoon sessions of technical presentations mixed with informal networking breaks were really insightful and valueable. Very hands-on conversations with suppliers about the needs of this market and an opportunity to grow new relationships, Adam Wikström continues.

5. A call for gender diversity: Where are all the women?

Big Science Sweden Forum also covered a session dedicated to discussing how to bring about change in the industry towards gender equality to accelerate innovation and creativity.

Swedish Big Science Forum is a biennial event where high-tech industry and academia meet with European Big Science organisations to hear about the latest developments and explore new opportunities. The forum is characterised by stimulating presentations and discussions, along with plenty of opportunities for networking.

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