National innovation platform comes to Norrbotten

North Sweden accelerates the transition to fossilfree logistics

Storsatsning på fossilfria industritransporter i norra Sverige 

Northern Sweden and Norrbotten are facing the largest industrial investments in modern times. As part of supporting the development of sustainable heavy transport and logistics solutions by road, rail and sea, the national innovation platform CLOSER is being established in Norrbotten, with LTU Business as the regional host organisation. In connection with the establishment, Region Norrbotten joins as a partner.

The initiative aims to support the introduction of sustainable and well-functioning transport and logistics systems together with the relevant industry partners. For Sweden as an international trade nation with a business sector that at the forefront of the global green transition in many areas, a more sustainable and efficient transport system from north to south is important both nationally and internationally.

– When CLOSER now strengthens its presence in northern Sweden, it is in partnership with LTU Business. This establishment is not just a regional matter but also a national and international one, says Bo Hallams, Chairman of the Board, CLOSER.

LTU Business will be the host organisation for CLOSER in northern Sweden. LTU Business has a broad network within the business community and many years of experience of being a driving force for growth in innovation processes and collaborative projects.

– Sustainable value chains for steel production, mining and other industries encompass not just production but als exports from northern Sweden to the rest of the world. It is important to have a strong initiative in which public-private collaboration can help to accelerate the transition. We look forward to working with CLOSER to bring together actors from research, industry and the public sector to accelerate the development and implementation of new transport and logistics solutions,” says Gry Holmgren Hafskjold, CEO of LTU Business.

The work will start in early 2023 by bringing together representatives from stakeholders driving industrial investment to see what challenges the transport system faces. The aim is for this to lead to concrete results through joint initiatives that create value for both individual actors and for a sustainable and efficient transport system.

– New terminals and port logistics, electrification, automation and hydrogen-based e-fuels will need to be tested and deployed on a large scale. We welcome the establishment of CLOSER in Norrbotten and another platform for us to step up the development that is already underway,” says Janus Brandin, Regional Development Director, Region Norrbotten.

CLOSER consists of some 60 partners and is a neutral collaboration platform, knowledge hub and project workshop for increased transport efficiency and well-functioning logistics. CLOSER’s goal is to contribute new solutions to the freight transport system that will supply a sustainable society. CLOSER’s main funders are Trafikverket, Vinnova and Västra Götaland Region. CLOSER operates at Lindholmen Science Park with offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm.