Say hello to Gunilla!

Gunilla is a senior business development manager with expertise in research & technology commercialization: A wide-ranging work experience from several industries as well as as an entrepreneur. Additionally, she has a Master of Science in engineering and Licentiate degree in Industrial Design (focusing on the early stages of the design process in SMEs).

Hi Gunilla! What will you be doing in your role at LTU Business?

As a business developer, I will mainly work with innovation consulting as part of a team that helps to identify and develop potential innovations from the university. Over time, I will also take on other assignments.

What are you most looking forward to?

To parttake in all the exciting research from Luleå University of Technology, contribute to utilization and to work with fantastic colleagues!

What is your most important driving force?

My most important motivator is development, both in terms of work and privately. I have a creative side which, in combination with curiosity and a desire to think in new ways, means I get energy and joy from developing ideas, especially together with other people.

What makes you laugh?

I find dad jokes amusing, as well as ”Gothenburg-jokes” (A special brand of humor, where jokes are often based around Swedish puns and plays on words – not too different from dad jokes, actually!).  Swedish comedian Johan Glans is also funny.

We’re delighted to have you on the team, Gunilla!