Say hello to Karin and Lars!

We welcome Karin Sandlund, our newest project manager and Lars Teglund, our new communications manager.

Karin has a master’s degree in international economics from Luleå University of Technology and has most recently had a role as junior business developer at Luleå Science Park, where her focus among other things was to establish relationships between the park’s companies and the university’s students.

Lars has a background in digital marketing that spans 15 years, and has worked with brands such as Norrbottensteatern and Gothenburg entertainment guide Djungeltrumman. He also co-founded the Musikens Makt festival and has a strong network and engagement in the Swedish cultural sector. He holds a bachelor’s degree in media and communication science from the University of Gothenburg.

Hi Karin and Lars, tell us what you will be working on?

Karin: It’s a mix of different projects, which I think is great fun! I have already been involved in arranging a couple of innovation conferences. Looking ahead, I’ll focus on gathering stakeholders within logistics to set an agenda for sustainable transportation within CLOSER, a national innovation platform that LTU Business is the regional host organization for. I also work with coaching small and medium-sized companies in Norrbotten in the SIRT project that we run together with Luleå University of Technology.

Lars: Communication within several widely different projects which LTU Business is running and I will also work in a couple of projects for our owner, Luleå University of Technology. The projects concern everything from the mining industry to space – we are also in the starting blocks with a new exciting Nordic collaboration on strengthening sustainability and competitiveness in the construction sector. After fifteen years in the cultural industry, most recently 5.5 years at Norrbottensteatern, it will be stimulating to get to know completely new industries, new networks and new people. But I will probably contact the theater as soon as we need a red carpet or a singing course.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

Karin: Job-wise, I look forward to working with all the competent and nice colleagues here at LTU Business. The feeling is that there are very many opportunities at LTU Business, which feels exciting! Privately, I am most looking forward to the upcoming Easter and to spend time in the mountains!

Lars: Like I said, it’s being faced with new communication problems in other areas. And to become part of the comms team with Beatrice and Ann-Sofie, plus all other colleagues here at LTU Business. There is a great atmosphere here. One thing I was struck by during my first day was how everyone gave feedback to each other spontaneously. It was a staff day when several team members presented their projects, and colleagues gave ideas, cheers and linked it to other parts of the business. That kind of company culture, free from positioning, feels both healthy and hugely valuable. Isn’t feedback the best thing you can get? Next to a cake or a rose perhaps.

What is your most important driving force?

Karin: My most important driving force is probably to make a difference, big or small. I want others to benefit from the work that we do.

Lars: Hmm. I would probably say that I am curious, like results and working with inspiring people.

What makes you laugh?

Karin: That’s a good question! I love to laugh and make others laugh, so it’s probably a bit of everything.

Lars: Anything with Ricky Gervais, and usually Liv Strömqvist, Jonathan Unge and Hanna Hellqvist. These are people who can never get much air-time. Give them more, forever. Amen.

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