Turn your idea into reality – five pro tips

You’ve been thinking about an idea for a while, but don’t really know where to start with developing it further? You’re not alone! We asked Johan Bergström, one of our innovation leaders and business developers, about his best tips for getting started with exploring the potential of your idea.

  1. Ask yourself: Why is it important and valuable for your idea to be realized?

    Take time to explore different aspects of the problem or need that you want to respond to. Talk to users / customers / stakeholders and try to understand the nature of the problem. Find out what solutions are already out there.

  2. Allow your idea to change during the journey.

    Adapting the solution makes it easier to implement.

  3. Find others who are as passionate as you about solving the problem.

    Strive to find people who are different from you and can complement your strengths and skills.

  4. Strategy: Develop a vision that you want to strive for and make a plan.

    Without a plan, it is difficult to know how it actually goes. Change the plan as you learn something that changes what you thought from the beginning.

  5. Don’t give up if it didn’t turn out the way you hoped. Redo the idea or create a whole new idea.

    About every 10th idea works, but none of them work unless you try.

About Johan

Name: Johan Bergström

Role: Innovation manager at LTU Business. Helps idea owners develop and grow their potential through coaching and training. Certified innovation manager by RISE and technology transfer proffessional at Stanford International. 



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