Welcome Terese & Alexander

Recently, LTU Business has recruited two new team members to the team in Luleå. Terese Ahlbäck and Alexander Bergström have their backgrounds in the mining and minerals sector and management consulting, respectively.

Terese Ahlbäck will continue within her industry background and work with communication for the strategic innovation program Swedish Mining Innovation, which LTU Business is also a partner in.

Alexander Bergström most recently came from a management consultant and trainee role at the well-known global consulting company CGI. He has a degree in civil engineering from Luleå University of Technology and is originally from Råneå on the outskirts of Luleå.

We asked Terese and Alexander some questions about their new roles and what it’s like to change jobs in the current circumstances.

What will you work with at LTU Business?

Terese: I will continue to work with running all communication within the Swedish Mining Innovation program, which is the strategic innovation program for the Swedish mining and metal-producing industry.

Alexander: I will be involved in a number of different projects at local, regional and European level. These are mainly projects where I help the business community and researchers to commercialize innovation. I will also work with management consulting and in strategy projects.

How does it feel to change jobs in the current circumstances?

Terese: It’s exciting and extremely positive to be a part of LTU Business! As we are in a very special time, it is important to look up, dare to think new and review new investments in how we continue post-corona. It feels safe to be part of such a solution-oriented team.

Alexander: Of course, there is tough competition in the job market right now, so that creates a sense of uncertainty. The interview process was transparent and clear, which felt good. I’m very glad to be a part of LTU Business!

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