Boost your decision making with new insights

Reach your goals – safe and sound

We offer advice and skill development to help you grow your business.

A profitable path – from idea to market

We validate the business potential in ideas and innovations, conduct market analyzes and create strategies for new products and services.

To kick-start your investment we develop business models and investment data and can also guide you in finding the right collaboration partner and financing.

Boost your competitiveness

We are happy to support you on the journey to reach your goals. With the help of our processes and methods, you’ll improve your growth rate and results at a lower cost.

We can also support you with product development and internationalization. Based on your needs and challenges, we are happy to guide you to a collaboration with Luleå University of Technology as well as other research institutes and business development networks both in Sweden and internationally.

Why us?

LTU Business has helped customers with business development services since 1983 and strengthen +100 companies and organizations in their competitiveness every year. With +40 consultants, we have solid experience – from global industrial groups to family businesses, from startups to municipal and state-owned companies. We deliver our services to innovative customers in Sweden as well as Europe.

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Some of our most popular services

New markets, clients and products

→ Innovation Due Diligence 

Find out if it’s worth investing time in your idea. Choose the right market and strategy.

→ University collaborations and RISE 

Develop your products or sales with help from researchers, talented students, test and lab environments, or workshops.

→ Find new markets and partners

We help you find new markets and establish your most important collaborations of tomorrow.

→ Financing

Secure financing to turn your idea and project into reality.

Some of our most popular services

Analyzes and strategic decisions

→ Create momentum in your management team with improved processes and metrics.

→ Choose the right business model, pricing and sales strategy to reach your goals.

→ Sell, buy, expand or restructure your company.

→ Investment analyzes for the board, investors or banks.

→ Impartial coaching for tough decisions.

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Some of our most popular services

Boosting brave and future-oriented leaders

→ Latitude 66 Mentorship 

Meet the future with new energy, tools, mentorship and network through our development program Latitude 66 Mentorship.

→ LTU Business Growth Academy

Want to deepen your knowledge within strategy and get new insights and ideas on how to ensure growth?

→ Turistanläggningars Form & Funktion

In this tourism facility development program you learn how to work with the unique characteristics, origin and history of a place, making it a greater part of the visitor’s experience.

→ Besöksnäringens Tillväxtakademi

This program provides leaders in the tourism industry with new tools and strategies for the organisation’s future.

→ IDD Academy

Get your certification in a proven and effective method for validating the business potential of new ideas.

→ LTU Professional Education

Make your organization ready to meet the future – together with Luleå University of Technology.

We who are by your side

Lisa Ek

Business development manager+46 73-688 96 52Aurorum 1A, Luleå

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Business development manager+46 70-360 19 36Aurorum 1A, Luleå

Sofia Gullholm

Business development manager+46 70-244 00 05A141J Skellefteå

Erik Hagenrud

Business development manager+46 70-237 40 71Aurorum 1A, Luleå

Katharina Saalo

Business development manager+46 70-371 95 82A141J Skellefteå

Adam Wikström

Business development manager+46 70-235 83 10A141f Skellefteå

Monica Äijä-Lenndin

Project manager+46 70-913 15 50Piteå Science Park

Niklas Grönberg

Business development manager+46 70-453 00 22Aurorum 1A, Luleå

Karoline Pettersson

Business development manager+46 70-547 96 28Aurorum 1A, Luleå

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