Design It Green – for entrepreneurs

Why not let young talents develop sustainability aspects in your company’s products and services during your summer vacation? Together with us you’ll define an interesting challenge that a team of students will take on during nine summer weeks (a bit over 300 hours).

(Are you a student and wish to participate in the program? Learn more and apply here!)

The programme will give you:

  • New perspectives on your challenge
  • Development of your products/services from a sustainability perspective
  • Connections to ambitious and creative students with great skill sets

This is what happens

After the challenge is decided we’ll put together a team of two students whose skill sets match your specific challenge of which one will be the main point of contact for you as a case owner.

The programme will have three set meetings: One at the beginning of the summer where you get to present the challenge to the team of students, one half-time check in and one final presentation of the results at the end of the summer. But as usual, the more you give and show that you’re interested in the team’s work – the more you’ll get back at the end of the summer!

In addition to your time and commitment, the programme has a participation fee of 10 000 SEK plus VAT that will be invoiced in connection to the students’ work.


We’re looking for a total of four companies for this year’s programme that meets the criteria:

  • Your company is an SME
  • You have your own products or services
  • You are based in Västerbotten or Norrbotten

If you want to know more about the programme or send in a registration of interest you are more than welcome to email or phone the programme’s contact person Karoline!


Karoline Pettersson

Project Manager+46 70 – 547 96 28