New programmes to boost tourism entrepreneurs

LTU Business is launching two new programmes for tourism entrepreneurs in Swedish Lapland, starting 2021. The highly appreciated design-focused Turistanläggningars Form & Funktion has attracted over 60 tourism businesses over the years – among the the world famous concept hotel Treehotel as well as eco-champions Camp Ripan. This spring also sees the premiere of business development programme Besöksnäringens Tillväxtakademi – tailored for CEOs in the tourism industry.

The news are met with joy as the industry is fighting for its survival following the Covid-19 pandemic, which has hit Swedish Lapland tourism suppliers particularly hard because of their high proportion of international guests.

– In our conversations with entrepreneurs in the area, the demand for tools to support innovation to adapt and develop new products and markets are stronger than ever. We are incredibly pleased and excited to have secured the funds to meet these needs, says Monica-Äijä-Lenndin, in charge of Turistanläggningars Form & Funktion.

Both programmes aim to boost competitiveness – one with focus on customer experience and concept development together with carefully selected designers and architects and the other – new for this year – with focus on business strategy and analyses.

Both programmes are held in Swedish and open to tourism suppliers based in Swedish Lapland.