Work over the summer and make a difference as an idea developer

Are you a student looking for a summer job where you can grow and contribute to a better future at the same time? Don’t wait to let us know you’re interested in LTU Business Summer 2021!

Every year we organize LTU Business Summer – a nine-week long summer program where students from Luleå University of Technology and universities in the rest of Sweden have the opportunity to work with idea and business development in real cases, together with other students and our coaches at LTU Business.

For the work you do, you get to invoice SEK 60,000 ex VAT (don’t worry – we’ll help you with the practicalities).

We are now letting you submit your interest for participating in LTU Business Summer in 2021. If you register, you will receive invitations to introduction meetings and information, for example on when it’s time to send in your full application and which themes you can apply for.

Learn more and submit your interest now


In 2020, 20 students were accepted and graduated, and they delivered great benefits to research teams and companies in themes such as mining and space innovation. Others had the opportunity to take on societal challenges or work on their own idea in the theme “Impact Lab”. The selection of available themes varies from year to year and we will present the coming years’ themes in early 2021. They will all give you a chance to make a real difference.

Positive experiences from previous years

The summer program has had high application pressure for several years and the students who have been given a place are very positive about the experience. One of the participants in 2020 was Hanna Brink:

– I had no previous experience of idea and business development, so this was a big and fun challenge for me. The work with my colleagues and the coaching from our supervisor Johan Bergström has developed me as a person and given me greater knowledge in taking something from idea to reality. I have gained experience that will be useful both for my dissertation and in my future profession as a civil engineer, says Hanna.

Karoline Pettersson is a business developer and responsible for the summer program at LTU Business:

– LTU Business Summer is important in several ways. For students, it is an opportunity for them to prepare for their professional career by gaining relevant and practical experience and building relationships with potential employers. For researchers and companies that participate with cases, it gives a boost to new products and business ideas while complementing their own experience with driven, young talents, says Karoline.

Develop your skills

By participating in the summer program you get new and developed skills. Among other things, you will learn the basics of running and delivering projects to customers or clients, to pitch your idea, and to take on different phases in product and service development. Overall, the program will strengthen your entrepreneurial skills and collaboration skills.

Gain relevant work experience

You get to work with an experienced business developer who coaches you through your assignment. You get real cases and references to help build your CV, and you become part of a community of passionate business developers, students, researchers, financiers and business leaders who are all driven by a desire to improve the future world.